ArtWorksAndMore possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to organize creative projects with participants learning to work together for a shorter or longer period of time, with materials of all kinds, but with each other in particular. In a unique, playful way they will experience how this working jointly during a project day can create a tremendous togetherness in a short period of time. Time and time again such events are found to enhance team spirit in a very special way. People who join for one day in the creation of a huge bamboo construction, tied together with elastic bands, are tired but satisfied by the end of the day, sharing a unique, enriching common experience.


Junctions and joints that are made have much in common with existing networks, and with relationships between people in one's own organization. For instance, because the pyramid model has a large base, a wide bearing surface and a clear summit, both bottom-up and top-down networks can be projected onto this shape, which can be approached form various sides.

Creative contributions

At first, each participant will be primarily interested in the role he will play individually within the group project. For this reason, plenty of room is allowed at this stage to express individual feelings in a creative way, and measure one's strengths with others. One of the basic principles is that emotions, too, can dominate rational decisions in personal and business contacts. Gradually, a mutual emotional bond will grow, as well as commitment to the result to be achieved. In the concept for each project, several options are always incorporated, allowing room for individual interpretations and approaches. In some creations the maker is still clearly recognizable in the final result; thus, his piece of work represents his personification within the entire network of objects linked together.

Practical approach

A series of separate active assignments is the thread, a chain of elements which can be linked together, collectively constituting the jigsaw pieces for the construction of the art project as a whole. In this way, the participants gradually get a grip on the seemingly disconnected activities. This novel operating procedure of ArtWorksAndMore allows large-scale projects that run very smoothly in a short period of time and despite their complexity.

Artistic surroundings

Each art project comes into being in harmony with the surroundings (nature, architecture, culture) in which it is constructed. For this purpose, an analysis is made of the access roads, the immediate environment, and the working site, among other things. This means the perceived value of the location of the project is also developed, causing the entire process to interact with its context expressively.

Points of contact

A bamboo construction literally contains two junctions, which can act as a metaphor of laws and techniques used in everyday activities. Moreover, they correspond with the way relationships are built and maintained. In this way, a three-dimensional construction can provide, as a spatial model, an enlightening picture of relational structures which also apply to one's own situation. Familiar schemes and ground plans gain in content as a physical model, if translated into a model of insight over 10 meters high. Even rigid organization models actually come alive for all participants.