Flexible thinking

In order to continue to perform well within an organization, you are expected to an increasing extent to have a creative attitude. You have to be open to change, and be able to adapt to changing situations: expansion, mergers, downsizing, division of tasks, promotion, replacement, dismissal... On top of that, many changes go quicker and take a different direction from what you expected beforehand.

Easy movement

The world is a complicated thing, with unknown factors determining your future, and sometimes a chance to change something yourself. It is still possible to control developments; but how, is different from one day to another. It is increasingly important to react alertly to unforeseen situations, and take action in time to maintain or improve your position. At any moment you have to be ready for a new step, and be confident of your own talents, in order to be able to change the course of your life without effort.

Change Master

The Change Master project of ArtWorksAndMore aims at developing flexible imaginative powers and creative abilities in participants, as a result of which they will be able to handle changing circumstances more easily, better and quicker. Instead of being employees waiting passively they will become 'change masters' within the organization. Moreover, they will learn, not only individually, but also as a group, that they are capable of bringing about a major change with simple means.

Source of inspiration

Self-development, self-motivation and inspiration make you realize that you can still give shape and meaning to your life. If you feel good and function well, there is a good chance that others will go along, as a result of which you will almost certainly end up somewhere where you feel at home. Like a fish in water, until yet another situation of change occurs; then you either move on yourself and go looking for fresh waters, or are picked out to be transferred elsewhere.


Organizations are changing continuously, and expect the same of their employees. You have to be able to capitalize on any imaginable situation and change, and at the same time be prepared for the unimaginable. Some daydreaming now may save you sleepless nights later. After all, anticipating is not indiscriminate calculating, but being sensitive to impending developments, and as a result, being able to capitalize on them in time. After all, the traditional security of a stable enterprise no longer guarantees a steady career development for every employee.

Pulling force

Consequently, the only stable factor on which you can rely is in your head, as you perceive with your own senses what it is that is changing, and how you should deal with it in order to survive. You should not wait to see what is in store for you, or if you can keep up with the changing circumstances, but take the lead yourself. Manifest yourself as a pulling force, to determine a new course and create order. Show guts, and demonstrate your insight in the situation, by determining yourself what will be your new niche. Unexpected turns are inspiring, and uncertainties can incite the creation of new opportunities and the accepting of challenges.

Creative opportunities

With the Change Master Project, ArtWorksAndMore wishes to meet the demand for creative dexterity which is of such great importance for the survival of all disciplines nowadays. In an inspiring way, you are made a participant in an artistic creative process within a visual arts project. You will become aware of various possibilities and situations, both in the world around you and the world within you. You will discover your hidden talents and experience how to enjoy these and benefit from them. The thread of the project is your self-development, motivation and inspiration. You will be stimulated, nurtured and inspired over and over again, both mentally and physically, to explore and overcome your limitations.

Working flexibly

ArtWorksAndMore has gained ample experience by now in organizing workshops and projects with participants not only learning to work flexibly with bamboo and elastic, but with their own imagination and with each other in particular. They experience in a unique, playful way how to create a life-sized work of art in a limited period of time. For instance, ArtWorksAndMore has realized workshops for the management of utility companies, the staff of merging housing corporations and public services, schools and training centres, employees of various firms and workers of several cultural and social institutions.


During a Change Master workshop, professional artists show ordinary people, and let them experience, which effect a creative process has on you. This way they teach you to believe in the 'makability' of existence. It turns out you are capable of changing the world around you into a paradise, setting goals for yourself which are different from the ones expected from you from day to day, and you can overcome your own limitations. You are your own creator, creating a new reality. This is a positive feeling that no-one can take away from you. And what's more, you can keep enjoying it for a long time, by storing this experience, 'anchoring' it in your head. When you think back on this experience later, you will relive the positive energy. This can give you the strength to deal with other situations, or make important decisions.