By organized creativity (New Think) we mean purposively organizing creative solutions for a problem, or generating creativity for the promotion of innovation. In a short period of time, ArtWorksAndMore manages to organize a large number of creative ideas to solve a variety of potential problems, including another person's, including yours! This is simply how it works: present us your problem, and - in consultation with you - we will think out a course of action which is highly original and, because of that, can be effective for you and your organization.

Artistic Angle of Incidence

An issue or problem is judged on its merits from an 'Artistic Angle of Incidence', and tested against the wide range of exponents represented in our creative think tank. The ideas inferred from this, and the subsequent solutions projected on them, will act as a frame of reference and stimulate your organization's own creativity. Complementary creativity produces a synergetic reaction within each organization, as people are helped to escape their familiar habits of thought. This in turn can lead to inspiration and innovation, with good ideas for new products or services.

Chaos and innovation

In ancient myths on the creation of the world, Chaos stood for immeasurable space, in which all existing things originated. In later times, 'chaos' took on the meaning of disorder and confusion, but lately we also have come to know chaos as something with a theory belonging to it: the chaos theory. Scientists discovered that the world is less logical and predictable than was formerly believed. This leads to surprising insights: for organizing creativity, too, we can call on this knowledge. Organizing chaos implies unpredictability of behaviour, which in turn stimulates our creativity, which leads to innovative products and new services.

How does the generating of ideas work?

Each question is first tested on formal grounds, to find out if the phrasing has been correct, if the necessary documentation is complete and so on. This is followed by a step-by-step approach, with the persons involved gathering for a number of brainstorm sessions. There, the first impulses and image-forming traces lead to ideas which together determine the innovative direction for a final concept which offers the required perspective. How this new creativity will be used, is determined by mutual arrangement.