An Open Space Workshop brings together large numbers of people from various backgrounds in a very concrete way. Initially, the way the groups are arranged is determined by chance, but eventually one decides oneself where and what you are going to do when and with whom. This way visions, ideas, plans and experiences of all kinds are shared from various cultures and points of view. Open Space Technology offers a large number of advantages for various organisations, namely:

-For a limited time and in a creative way, it focuses everyone's attention on a subject or moment that is important to the organisation or group.

-It brings into the picture common interests and concerns that do not receive sufficient attention or no attention at all in the daily routine.

-It offers everyone the opportunity to quit activities that no longer hold their interest in order to find a more inspiring situation or create one themselves.

-It is an excellent equalizer, because it invites a wide variety of participants to bring up what matters to them, both individually and in smaller or larger groups.

-It generates new points of view, creates innovative solutions and clears the way for future actions.

-It offers individuals the opportunity to manifest themselves in a different way from what they are used to. Masks are removed and traditional working relations are sidelined for a brief moment.

-Language barriers are broken with ease; for this reason, Open Space Workshops lend themselves perfectly for breaking the ice in multinational meetings in which participants have to get familiar with one another

At what occasions are Open Space Workshops used?

Open Space Technology is a lively process, allowing small or large groups of participants to invest in the visualisation of a common subject or a collective problem, in the search for solutions or the creation of new possibilities, developments and techniques, and so on.

Examples of this are:

-Getting a picture of what people within the organisation are really committed to.
Exploring new issues and possibilities.

-Motivating a culture of independent working and decision-making.

-Developing creative, innovative or problem-solving plans and techniques.

-Stimulating community spirit.

-Analysing and solving differences of opinion or serious conflicts.

-Embedding new processes and procedures in organisations.

-Remotivating people when things become disordered.

How long does an Open Space Workshop take?

Cause and reason, previous history, new plans and objectives of the organisation affect the nature and organisation of each Open Space Workshop. As each organisation is different, each Open Space Workshop will be different too. It usually takes one, two or three daily periods, in most cases consecutive ones, though they may be interrupted by brainstorming sessions, discussion groups and plenary meetings.

How many participants does an Open Space Workshop have?

A minimum of around ten persons should participate in an Open Space workshop. The maximum number of participants is only limited by the budget and the location's facilities. Workshops of several hundreds of people are a regular phenomenon, and even a group of over a thousand participants does not pose any organisational problems. This is the ideal event for realising bottom-up participation. During the workshops, all staff members are given the opportunity in a non-confronting way to contribute and further develop their ideas and creativity. The process is fed by the energy and the enthusiasm of the participants for the common cause and by their individual actions.

Supervising an Open Space Workshop

Supervising an Open Space Workshop requires experienced supervisors from outside the system of the organising party. ArtWorksAndMore has an extensive network of professionals trainers and artists, who through their personal vision and working method can act as catalysts for the functioning of the various groups. From their daily practice they are used to reacting alertly to chance and use serendipity optimally.

A rough outline of an Open Space Workshop

An Open Space Workshop is divided into a number of separate workshops in which various artistic disciplines are practised and smaller or larger groups of people work together in various ways to achieve certain results. Depending on the number of participants, the facilities of the location concerned, the theme chosen and the object in view, a tailor-made trajectory is planned with creative workshops.

Open Space Workshop?

How does an Open Space Workshop work?Open-Space.htmlHow_does_it_work.htmlHow_does_it_work.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2
Open Space Workshop?

How does an Open Space Workshop work?Open-Space.htmlHow_does_it_work.htmlHow_does_it_work.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2