More and more often, the business community calls upon external expertise for the organization of events: company party, incentives, workshop, training, team building, merger project, kick-off, company anniversary, reception, opening, open day, company presentation, or another event.

There are countless agencies nowadays that specialise in various forms of entertainment which meet most of the client's objectives. Only if a really creative implementation is required does ArtWorksAndMore enter the picture. If there is no good concept anticipating new developments in company culture. If there is not enough knowledge and experience available to organize such an extraordinary event.

ArtWorksAndMore looks at the organization from an artistic angle, and has gained sufficient experience by now to actually inspire participants, and organize their creativity in a unique concept. And if you get inspired by this brochure already, you can be sure that we are interested in handling your project or event in an original way.

Antoon Versteegde