Suppose you wish to organise an inspiring meeting, without the confining setting of conferences characterised by a strict programme full of dull speakers, miscommunication and annoyance. On the contrary, you are looking for a more informal way of combining various cultures and starting points in enthusiastic working groups of varying composition and with possibilities for cross-fertilization; with spontaneous collaborations between separate disciplines in a dynamic context in which the participants are open to each other; with everyone being free to switch from one interesting development to the other; ranging from moments of fierce debate to setting to work together to moments of reflection and inspiration. In that case, an Open Space Workshop is the perfect solution.

ArtWorksAndMore has developed Open Space Workshops for various clients ­ as a concept for large-scale meetings such as consultations, merger talks, staff parties, conferences and days of reflection with dozens or even hundreds of participants communicating both creatively and effectively. Working together artistically and constructively on the one hand, while exchanging thoughts on essential themes informally on the other creates a transparent, open structure in which people frequently surpass themselves and each other, without the meeting ending up in aimless chatter or dreary chaos. Hidden powers and creative talents will germinate and bring about a colourful apotheosis, a euphoria none of the participants could have expected beforehand.

Open Space Workshops are a lively refuge where people are invited in a safe setting to share ideas, opinions, talents, views and experiences. This leads to inspiring forms of communication in which the enthusiasm, talent, know-how, perception and insight of all participants are the ingredients of personal commitment toward reaching a higher level collectively.

Open Space Technology

Open Space Workshops are based on the principle of Open Space Technology, in which optimal participation and commitment of the participants are achieved by constantly giving them ample time and space to immerse and express themselves in a series of creative workshops. A transparently structured narrative with recognizable elements and challenging assignments enhances the quality of the results. To this end, the Corporate Identity or Mission Statement of the organisation concerned are frequently quoted in the introductory texts to each item, but with tongue in cheek. This does not include dull speeches, or formal discussion groups on predetermined subjects, or questions at the end of the meeting, or obligatory preparations. During Open Space Workshops, all time and energy are used to create an optimal atmosphere in which the participants are given all the space they need to rediscover themselves and others in an informal situation.

Basisprincipe van zelfsturing

Open Space Technology is based on the principles of self-coaching: participants put together their own programme through work sessions. Open Space has been used before at official work conferences and congresses of fellow workers who discuss what really concerns them in various simultaneous sessions. They explore new approaches and possibilities or try to formulate new answers to old questions. This is based on the principle that people are perfectly able themselves to develop and work out themes that are relevant to them, instead of experts pre-arranging this for them. Furthermore, Open Space is capable of bringing together large numbers of people with various backgrounds to share visions, ideas, creativity and actions, resulting in a collective and motivating happening.

Open Space Work is the process in which a small or larger group of participants can put their enthusiasm and energy into a joint approach of a subject or work method, ways of finding solutions, creating new techniques, and so on.

Open Space Work includes the following aspects:

-Monitoring processes of change.

-Enhancing mutual trust.

-Promoting self-coaching.

-Improving communication.

-Creating support.

-Developing mutual respect.

-Stimulating creativity and innovation.


How does an Open Space Workshop work?

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How does an Open Space Workshop work?

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