On the occasion of an event, the idea is conceived to let the guests participate in the creation of one large painting. All day long, or all evening long, people can join in to leave, with a well-aimed brushstroke, a trace or sign on this collective work of art which is gradually coming into being. Afterwards this piece can be exhibited on a strategic location, to bear witness of the special occasion and the feeling of togetherness for years to come. The following four variations would be imaginable, depending on the set goal and the intended effect.

Just do it

A site has been arranged for visitors to mess about to their heart's content on a large canvass. The main purpose is the amusement and fun with which the guests not only amuse themselves, but each other in particular, by adding something to the picture with their wild gestures. Everyone can paint, and this time they are allowed to show it.


Under expert guidance, all invitees are enabled to contribute creatively to a large painting which is made as a reminder of this festive day. It is seen to that everyone gets his or her turn and that everyone's contribution is respected. The final result is kept as a visual guest book and may get a special place within the company for a while, if desired.


Under the expert guidance of ArtWorksAndMore, the guests make a collective work of art with a theme that has been determined in advance; this piece is destined to be hung on the wall on a prominent location within the company. The company's nature and the staff's team spirit will be thus expressed optimally by this artistic group event.

Work of Art

With the creation of a monumental work of art in mind, in which all guests will participate, and which should be shown with pride, a visual artist is granted a commission. He will make a concept with a sketch plan, and organize and supervise the painting work, elaborate some of the parts if necessary, and from all the separate visual elements compose a work of art inspired on the company's history or mission.